State of the Stone 2013: Drugs of the Future, Now

Earth and Fire Erowid



Abstract: Where does science meet subculture? Earth and Fire will share their views on novel developments in the global underground recreational drug market as well as reflect on the state of the visionary sphere. Psychedelic subcultures have complex relationships to science, spirituality, media, and the Internet. With worldwide distribution of both thoughts and physical products now the norm, access to altered states of consciousness is at an all-time high. What is novel is not the discovery of any individual new psychoactive drug, but the rapid metamorphosis of products, packaging, and marketing. This fast-changing marketplace has given rise to the need for developing new techniques for transmitting not just information, but knowledge and wisdom. Where does the evolution of psychedelic knowledge go from here?

Fire Erowid is Executive Director of Erowid Center and Head Archivist of She is the site's primary information architect, designer, and editor as well as responsible for fundraising and budget management. Fire has more than 12 years experience studying psychoactive plants and drugs. She has written hundreds of pages of information about these materials, authored numerous articles, spoken at academic and professional conferences, and her work has been cited by newspapers, education programs, college classes, and seminars around the world.

Earth Erowid is Erowid Center's Technical Director and the Chief Software Engineer of He designs and implements the custom software systems necessary for managing the large flow of information through the site and is the lead editor responsible for scientific information published by Erowid. Earth has worked in the field of psychoactive information distribution for more than 12 years and has written extensively on the topic. He has co-authored academic posters, been published in both large and small publications, and been interviewed by major news organizations about his work.


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