Albert Hofmann and His LSD: An Eventful Life and a Significant Discovery

Dieter Hagenbach and Lucius Werthmüller



Only a few discoveries of the 20th century had such a crucial influence on science, society, and culture, as LSD, a mysterious and extremely potent substance causing profound changes of consciousness in doses of only a millionth of a gram. Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first experienced its extraordinary effects during a self-experiment with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25) on April 19, 1943, at the Sandoz pharmaceutical company in Basel, Switzerland. It changed his life as deeply, as it has for millions of people all around the world. His bicycle ride during his first LSD trip became a legend. In this illustrated presentation, the co-authors of his biography—close friends of Albert Hofmann for decades—guide us through the long and unique life of the famous researcher and mystic, highlighting some interesting little-known episodes in Hofmann’s life. From his birth in 1906, Hofmann was open, curious, and devoted to creation and the wonders of nature until his last breath in 2008 at the age of 102.

Dieter Hagenbach was born 1943 in Basel, Switzerland, and completed studies in architecture and the arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Düsseldorf, Germany. In 1975, he founded the Sphinx publishing house, with publications by Joseph Campbell, H.R. Giger, George Gurdjieff, Jean Houston, Timothy Leary, John Lilly, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, and Robert Anton Wilson. From 1977-1986, he served as editor of Sphinx Magazine, including the German language edition of the Brain-Mind Bulletin. Dieter met Albert Hofmann in the mid‐1970s and remained his friend until Hofmann’s death. In 1986, he published his book Einsichten–Ausblicke (Insights‐Outlooks). He is co-author, with Lucius Werthmüller of Albert Hofmann and His LSD: An Eventful Life and a Significant Discovery (2013). Since 2002, Dieter Hagenbach has served as editor of the gaiamedia website ( and the monthly electronic GoodNewsLetter.

Lucius Werthmüller was born 1958 in Basel, Switzerland. He is a consciousness researcher and parapsychologist. Since 1991, he has been President of the Basel Psi Association, which with over 1,200 members is the biggest organizer in the field of the paranormal and the spiritual in Switzerland. He is Editor of Psi-Info, a magazine with a print run of 30,000 copies. In 2000, he was awarded the prize of the Swiss Foundation for Parapsychology. Lucius is a founding board member of the Gaia Media Foundation ( He was project manager of the international symposium “LSD: Problem Child and Wonder Drug” in January 2006 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of Albert Hofmann in Basel, and of the World Psychedelic Forum held in 2008. Meeting Albert Hofmann when he was a child, Lucius remained close to him until the end of his life. Together with Dieter Hagenbach, he is co-author of Albert Hofmann and His LSD: An Eventful Life and a Significant Discovery (2013). Lucius has three adult sons and lives with his partner Sabin in Basel.





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